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a deep learning-based text understanding engine that can understand with near-human accuracy the textual content of several thousands posts per second

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Text Analysis with NLTK Cheatsheet

explore new avenues for conversations with non-playing-characters (NPC) in digital games

The World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS) is a large database of structural (phonological, grammatical, lexical) properties of languages gathered from descriptive materials (such as reference grammars) by a team of 55 authors

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organises comments basing on sentiment

DocTag2Vec: An Embedding Based Multi-label Learning Approach for Document Tagging

How to Write a Spelling Corrector

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Building Your Own Neural Machine Translation System in TensorFlow, papers,


principal component analysis tutorial


Xiang Zhang, Yann LeCun, Text Understanding from Scratch

A Digital Archive of Research Papers in Computational Linguistics,


spaCY, Prodigy, Thinc, displaCy.j,

set of NLP tools in Java,


A curated list of data science blogs by lazyprogrammer