NLP chatbots


chatbots magazine

an app store for bots, Go library for making bots to be used on Facebook messenger

open catalog of friendly, useful, artistic online bots

Virtual agents / Chatbots Directory

Building Blocks for Building Bots

github stanford-tensorflow-tutorials, sequence to sequence model with attentional decoder


Contextual Chatbots with Tensorflow

deep learning for chatbots

How To Build Bots for Messenger

Building your Messenger Bot

Creating a Chat Bot

Create a chatbot with Slack and Botkit

writing a Slack hubot instance

A beginner’s guide to your first bot

an HTTP-based interface to build bots for Telegram

create your Telegram bot without coding

frameworks, libs and tools

Design, Prototype, and Publish Voice Apps.This is the Dreamweaver or Photoshop of computer conversation. The team is responsive to feedback, and they will profile any great user experiences. Their examples will get you started, and publishing to Messenger, Slack, Skype, or Alexa is shockingly easy.

build bots with pullstring,

Bots UI kit for Messenger Platform


new tools to help you build your bot

Bot Users

Telegram Bot API

The Robot Revolution has Unofficially Begun

Build Your Bot


doctor Strange for Skype

I built a chatbot in 2 hours and this is what I learned

medical bots

ICT is expanding its expertise in automatic human behavior analysis to identify indicators of psychological distress in people

Overcome social anxiety

Affordable, on-demand, and quality mental healthcare for everyone

an app based on a psychological technique called evaluative conditioning

the Computer Therapist