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info/links pertaining to the practice of AI and Machine Learning in python

non-profit AI research company

a software platform for measuring and training an AI’s general intelligence across the world’s supply of games, websites and other applications

Open Source Neural Networks in C

Deep Learning links

an environment for quickly creating scalable performant machine learning applications,

code your own bots in your preferred language and join the various competitions

Universitat Bremen

Internet of Things community

research, datasets

the quest to build sentient machines

recent, NNs, RNNs, CNNs, visualizing,

Jason Brownlee’s Facebook page


an open source framework for Artificial General Intelligence


machine learning performance improvement, tips, tricks and hacks

python for data science

conda cheatsheet,


a few things about machine learning,

Must Know Tips/Tricks in Deep Neural Networks (by Xiu-Shen Wei)

known technique to increase the size of the dataset

links collections

RedditSota state-of-the-art-result-for-machine-learning-problems

warriorkitty ml-ai-collection


Machine Learning

backpropagation github

gradient descent

An overview of gradient descent optimization algorithms

computer vision

Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Visual Recognition

github: david-gpu/srez,



web-based application for quick, scalable, and automated hyperparameter tuning and stacked ensembling in Python

Create a library of data

tool for production data pipelines

2 minute papers

Karoly Zsolnai’s collection

Karoly Zsolnai’s blog

Real-Time Character Control With Phase-Functioned Neural Networks | Two Minute Papers #154

Phace: Physics-based Face Modeling and Animation | Two Minute Papers #172

AI Learns Lip Sync from Audio | Two Minute Papers #194

AI Creates 3D Models From Faces

AI Creates Facial Animation From Audio | Two Minute Papers #185

Face2Face: Real-Time Facial Reenactment

Real-Time Facial Expression Transfer | Two Minute Papers #21

Latent Space Human Face Synthesis | Two Minute Papers #191

AI Learns 3D Face Reconstruction | Two Minute Papers #198

Biophysical Skin Aging Simulations | Two Minute Papers #45

Hallucinating Images With Deep Learning | Two Minute Papers #74

DeepMind’s AI Creates Images From Your Sentences | Two Minute Papers #163

Image Synthesis From Text With Deep Learning

AI Learns to Synthesize Pictures of Animals | Two Minute Papers #152

Enhance! Super Resolution From Google | Two Minute Papers #124

AI Learns Semantic Style Transfer | Two Minute Papers #177

AI Learns Video Frame Interpolation | Two Minute Papers #197

Deep Learning Program Hallucinates Videos | Two Minute Papers #120

Human Pose Estimation With Deep Learning | Two Minute Papers #106

Recurrent Neural Network Writes Music and Shakespeare Novels | Two Minute Papers #19

WaveNet by Google DeepMind | Two Minute Papers #93

Neural Programmer-Interpreters Learn To Write Programs | Two Minute Papers #34

WaveNet by Google DeepMind | Two Minute Papers #93

How Does Deep Learning Work? | Two Minute Papers #24


StackGAN: Text to Photo-realistic Image Synthesis with Stacked Generative Adversarial Networks

github: pyTorch implementation,